A.R. Trapp Opticians @Madison Avenue – Manhattan

While walking down Madison Avenue in midtown, it’s hard not to notice the small window of A.R. Trapp. The unique plastic frames are a signature of the store, which caters more to men than to women, especially the attorneys, accountants, doctors and architects that work nearby. The tiny store with three dispensing tables and one counter, but the historic shop is frequented by celebrities and local customers looking for unique frames and personal, one-on-one service.

A.R. Trapp Opticians was bought from its previous owners in 1969 by a newly licensed optician named Andrew Janedis, who is now the president. Since then, the store has become known worldwide for its vintage and vintage-inspired frames. The full display of red women’s eyewear and men’s shapes is difficult to pass by without stopping.

By the way…I’d love to have one of these!

Source: http://www.2020mag.com/

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